© 2017 by Chelsea Nichole, Spiritual Entity

Better Me than YOU

I love people. I am a giver. I want the best for those around me. If you're a normal person, this is probably true about you too. We all want to see those around us smile. I live to make others happy.... at least I used to. When happiness is achievable, we are both happy. When happiness cost one of us something, I will no longer choose you over myself. I used to think that doing that was pious, like that martyrdom made me a good person. In the end I was resentful because when you give, give, give and the other person stands back and keeps taking it will do that to you. So the lesson is, If I can make you happy and be happy myself, you got it! I will go to the ends of the earth for U

Thank you for the pain

Thank you for the rejection, it taught me how to embrace. Thank you for the embrace, it taught me hold to hold on. Thank you for the pain, it taught me how endure. Thank you for the jokes, they taught me how to laugh. Thank you for the grief, it taught me how to exhale. Thank you for the compliments, they reminded me I am worth it. Thank you for the lies, they taught me how to tell the truth. Thank you for the truth, it set me free. Thank you for the harsh words, it taught me not to use words that way. Thank you for the love, it made me whole. Whatever you gave me it produced the good in me. I thank you. I thank God. I thank myself for being open to grow and staying fresh to love, life an

I understand you

Understanding.... It is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. It is humble. It is forgiving. It is love. Many times we don't give the gift of understanding because we don't have it. We are still in a place in our lives where we have not experienced certain things, which is essentially immaturity. For instance, people who judge a woman who stays in an abusive relationship typically have not been in one before and therefore do not have the understanding that would allow them to be compassionate about her situation. People who judge someone for being overweight have often not struggled with weight or take shortcuts like bulimia or pills, surgery, etc to maintain their physique. Pe

I know what you did last night!

....But I really don't care. Believe it or not. Karma... it's our best friend OR our worst enemy or both. Friend or foe, it does not report to me or to you. Karma does its thing all on it's own. I have learned this lesson after many attempts to try and twist its arm in the direction of what I think is fair. I even wrote a song about it the lyrics stating, "Karma where are you? You never come on time!" Karma comes on time and in the best way. You are not really doing me wrong in the long run. You are ultimately hurting yourself. I take my hands off of it. I lean back with my proverbial arms behind my head, watching the results like a movie. Every great book of wisdom states it. Wha

All for a man

Ain't love grand? Yes... when it's love. When it's all the other fighting, positioning and TRYING to have a relationship it can be draining and cause you to be someone you are not supposed to be. When you are essentially fighting over a man, it makes him look so important and you and the other women in the fight look insecure. I'm not a feminist. I believe in relationships and I mean, in theory, you SHOULD be willing to fight for yours. The catch there is that if you have a real one, there is no fight. He is yours. You are his. If he is committed to you there is no worrying about another woman because there is no other woman. That is what commitment means. We are together. With th

The silence is loud

I like words; They are art. I can express everything I'm feeling with letters and numbers. When I release them I feel fulfilled. Words give life to others and to me so understanding can come. Although I know some people use words for harm and I have in the past, I use them now for good. They build, they uplift, they can encourage and also mend. Silence is also like words. Silence speaks when words fail us. It says look into my eyes, watch my body move.... respect me without the letters....know me fully because you study, not because I speak. I like the silence too. It is powerful. Sometimes people use silence because they realize its power and sometimes because they don't have the word