© 2017 by Chelsea Nichole, Spiritual Entity

The present of absence

Do not be afraid to turn your back on anything hurtful in your life. Give to yourself and to others the present of absence. We live in fear many times; Fear of rejection, fear of loss and fear of time spent without result. There is no such thing. During the times we spend we learn and grow and we become better people hopefully. When it is time to walk away from something we are often afraid that we will lose out or won't be able to handle the hurt that comes from it. The truth is that you are already prepared for the moment because you are placed in the situation. You have what it takes to handle every moment presented to you. Absence does not have to be physical, it can be emotional.

Beauty in Everything

Dear God, help me find beauty in everything. I need you to help me see the clouds as something to bring nourishment and not something to rain on my parade. Let me see lack as something to make me wise, not to make me suffer. Give me a heart of compassion that is born from my struggle and not a bitter one. Let me love others like I've never been hurt simply because I know You were with me every step and you didn't let any situation overtake me. Give me eyes to understand that nothing is against me and every situation is YOU for me; growing me, learning me, strengthening me. Help me to understand that no man can harm me without your permission and that I have what I need to get through ever

I'm expecting!

Today is one of those days where my heart is full of expectation. I have so many blessings on the horizon and I feel overwhelmed. It is like butterflies in my heart. There are times in life when pieces start to fall into place but not because you have orchestrated it. It is because God looks into your heart and says, I have seen your work and this is your season. People who know me intimately know my struggle. They know how hard I have loved and what I have given, even to those who never looked back to say thank you. I am the person who will give the shirt off my back even when its' cold and wet outside. I will stand there and shiver while you keep warm. I have always looked with compas

Shut the hell up.

Do it! Shut the hell up. Somebody needs to tell you because you clearly don't get it. Hell is everything bad; The stuff you don't want in your life and the things that cause you grief. Stop inviting hell into your situation. Let me give you some examples: "All men cheat" "I'm sick and tired" "I'm gonna die" "People are jealous of me" Are you starting to understand now? You see, your words have power and as a matter of fact, many things that you have said over the years are now showing up in your life and you don't even realize that you caused them to happen. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing.... comes from the word. So then when you hear the words enough, you believe them. It is a po

No one matters but me

No one matters but me. I mean it. I know, it sounds selfish... and I don't really care. When I was growing up I listened to my mother and my father. They had dreams for me and they had their own issues they were working through. There I was, a child, soaking up everything like a sponge, trying to become that version of me that I thought would please everyone around me. Its really what most of us do. We want to be good, worthy, honorable and enough. We want people to say that we did a good job and that we are smart or beautiful. I know those things about myself not because someone told them to me but because many people said the opposite. I am not bitter. I realize that there are dar

You're an animal and you can't be tamed.

I started writing a song called, "Animal" and I've yet to finish it. It was written with a bachelor I know in mind. It is true, there are some people, and not just men, who are hard to tame. I actually find beauty in it. It is not a challenge, it is an understanding. When someone is hard to tame, they want to be sure. They want to be certain that they are not making mistakes. They want to settle in smartly and not be disappointed. They want to be loyal to the significance of "together". They are romantics and are very tender. The few I know are fiercely loyal and strongly dedicated. They love hard and don't let go; so that leap is huge for them. Their word means alot and so does your

Time is of the essence

Today is the day, to believe, to love, to leap, to just do it. There is no time like the present and life is not promised to anyone. Laugh loudly, hug often and lunge in the direction of your love. Whether that is a talent, a relationship, a goal, a new career, the only thing you have to lose is fear. If you fall on your face get back up and try again. Many have fallen before you and still recovered. Time is short; many did not wake up this morning but you did so don't disappoint the universe. Someone is out there waiting for you to believe in yourself, go after your dreams; to say I love you. I love you. Yes, you music. I am doing everything I can to stay in touch with you and shar

Eyes of a Stranger

I was laying here at my computer thinking about some of the things I have done over my career and remembered this beautiful song. Alexander Boynton asked to feature me and I am very proud to share this youtube link to the full song. Enjoy.